Importance Of Handwashing

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With a vow to do no harm, medical professionals are continually revising methods to help decrease potential harm that can be done to the patient 's that they serve. Through evidence-based research, they have inherited data that have helped them reform, change to techniques that have already been proven effective in maintaining patient health. They have gained the advantage to educate staff members that are unaware of those techniques, or need to improve their skills. IV insertion is a skill highly used in the outpatient and inpatient care setting to provide fluids and pharmacological therapy to certain patient populations. This procedure also serves as a great opportunity to presenting infection causing organisms that can be detrimental to patient’s health. Thus requiring and obtaining the attention of many professionals within the medical system to evaluate and research evidence-based factors that can help in decreasing the chances of contaminating patients.
At the start of any medical related class, handwashing is a skill taught as a standard precaution measure to protect the patients and the medical personnel’s involved. During the course of the IV insertion and maintenance stands a precarious time where hand washing is
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The use of handwashing alone is not 100% affective in the infection prevention factor of in the IV insertion and care management. Professionals must remain mindful in taking into great consideration of all other steps suggested steps within each acronym that exist in IV management. Together the steps can aid in ensuring that the patient remain free from infections that may be acquired through this IV therapy. Thus helping patients to grow closer to a state of wellness, rather than fighting again organism that can cause them to deteriorate

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