Importance Of Harmony In Society

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In reaching this 21st century, we have gone through lots of wars, fights and blood being shed. Harmony can be mean by agreement or accord while diversity is a range of different things. In the society, people depend on each other for life. Harmony within the diversity that we have achieved as a multi races country today is one of the result from our ancestors' sacrifices like the dark time when our country was once had a fight among the races in 13 May 1969. Today there is great angst around the world, countries and human beings are unhappy because of the increasing hatred and conflicts. Beside these, poverty, unemployment, and disasters both natural as well man made contributing factors to these factors. We as one of the members of this country must come up with ways to nurture and cherish the harmony in our country before it being vanished as the world will be controlled by the gadgets and not socializing. Firstly, to nurture and cherish the peace in this motherland we have to start from the most bottom that is from the school itself by mixing the multi races children in one school.…show more content…
Recently the world has been busy about the international sports event that is the Olympics that has been held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We can see in our country that everyone without cares about the races and ages sitting in front of the same television to watch the competition and together supporting our beloved athletes fight for the name of Malaysia. Isn't it beautiful to see such wonderful view when everybody are being united to give support to the country as what Walt Whitman said that peace always beautiful. We have to open the people's eyes about the beauty of peace and harmony if we kept it being nurtured and cherished until the
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