Importance Of Having Friends

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The thing about having friends, is that almost all of them turn to strangers after a few years or so. My favorite thing to do is be with my friends and even if they don 't last long, the memories i 've had with them have made me who I am today. Recently i 've started to understand it 's more important to have a few real friends, than a ton of fake one 's.I also like having friends because I don 't like being alone, so having company and someone to talk to is always good, because sometimes talking to your mother doesn 't cut it.

My first friend when I lived in Kentucky, is a girl whose name i think is Isabelle, we were always together, yet we never got bored of each other.swimming in her little kitty pool in her front yard almost everyday was a hobby to us and I remember always laughing whenever we heard the word “poop” because apparently that was hilarious. The thing about them was I always thought they were strange since they always had plastic wrap over their floor and all their furniture. Her grandmother was a clean freak, I
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Two of the most closest friends i have are Mashayla and Lileigh, I have known Mashayla for seven years now and I love her to death, she 's like a sister to me and we are best friends. Lileigh and I have known each other since kindergarten, but we didn 't get close until I moved back here in 5th grade, then that 's where our group evolved. In 7th grade we had a whole squad including me, Brittany (Brady Wurmnest), Alyssa Anglin, Natalie White, Zoe Peterson, Lileigh Ellis, and Lauren Kloter ( we just recruited her a few weeks ago ),We hang out on the swings on a day-to-day basis. After school, we go to Mikas whenever we need to work on homework, it 's a good system.

The best part about my childhood was when me and Mashayla were together, everyday we would go down to this little creek we found and bask in the woodsy smell and the feel of the fish brushing over our toes as we watched the waterfall coming over the hill and
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