The Importance Of Health Assessments

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Health assessment as a concept develops the nurse 5 senses because they are used in carrying these assessments. Measuring skills of the nurse that is used to record accurate information from the patient is equally developed. Helps the nurse to be able to empathize and be able to listen and take information. Communication skills of the nurse is also improved over time as the nurse is able to talk and listen to patient, relative and the multidisciplinary team. Record keeping and documentation skills are also not left out as the nurse is able to write and record information accurately and truthful. It assists the nurse in achieving right diagnosis thereby improving overall care and treatment given to patient.
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It reduces the risk of not recognizing any deterioration in physiological status which prevents the nurse from acting in timely manner. It helps in minimizing adverse patient event.
Through cardiovascular assessment will help the nurse to identify factors that can predispose to cardiovascular disease such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Assessment helps the nurse to be focused and precise in doing the physical examination and in arriving at the diagnosis correctly. Good assessment of the heart contribute and facilitate a better patient care.
The good understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the accessory organs is the key to accurately assessing the patient with disorders. Understanding the structure and functions will assist the nurse in recognizing and interpreting assessment findings related to the patient’s history and physical examination. Good knowledge on the accessory organs and its assessment will guide the nurse in providing care for all patients and intervening effectively for those that have problems with such organs. The earlier the detection ‘of any deviation from normal, the earlier the recovery. It also provides opportunity to the nurse to health educate the
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It also gives the nurse opportunity to health educate the patient on lifestyles, physical activities and good nutrition thereby promoting health. Through advice on need for good muscular helps the nurse to reduce likelihood of some diseases and stop some signs and symptoms of others.
Mental status examination helps the nurse to assess patient’s mental impairment and to know the extent. There is no way the nurse can measure the cognitive functions of a patient like sense of time, place, and personal identity; speech; mathematical ability; memory; general intellectual level; insight or judgement; and problem-solving ability or reasoning except with MSE. Nurse can adequately provide good care for patient with dementia through the use of MSE. The nurse can better monitor for improvement or deterioration in patient with the use of mental status examination.
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