Importance Of Health Compatibility

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The goal of medicine is to prevent diseases, to help patients and treat them in case of illness. Humans’ health compatibility is the most important feature in the world and the state between health and death is called disease. Getting sick is not an immediate phenomenon, it is caused by a lot of factors. Consequently, people are not used to supervise themselves and to analyse their sensations. For this reason, mankind do not encounter problems if the diseases are temporary. That means before the illness develops there are always inconstant, short-termed conditions which are treated with wrong medicaments but sometimes body is able to resist microorganisms itself (Guogienė, 1994). Health is a unique value, nature’s gift to human being. People can accumulate social, material, cultural values if they take good care of themselves. The discoveries let people to achieve everything more quickly in a convenient way. Although technologies are very important in this world the mind of human being is the most powerful thing. Health is stipulated by organisms’ compatibility which appears as solid circulation of the blood, nerves, lymph systems, structures and metabolism. Connection with environment occurs through skin and breathing (Guogienė, 1994). As a result, there is no end in a battle between diseases and mankind because not all doctors or technologies can prevent from getting ill. The paper evaluates the medical achievements mankind has reached and what still needs to be done
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