Healthcare Informatics Research Paper

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The Healthcare Knowledge Worker

The Healthcare Knowledge Worker
Healthcare informatics is the study that deals with the data and processes of communication as well as the systems in healthcare. This branch of science gives room for fresh electronic technology as well as information systems where the practitioners can easily access data preserved in computer systems. The study aims at knowing the primary nature of information and communication processes in the healthcare. It also focuses on providing a description for the principles that mold these processes. The aim of this essay is to discuss the tasks of healthcare in relationship to application of health information technologies to enhance safe
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This is done in order to design distinct systems for producing, validating, safeguarding, and integrating all data that is health-related (, 2015). The goal for introducing healthcare informatics in hospitals is to improve and maximize the quality of services delivered to patients. It operates in a manner where it consolidates all the resources, techniques, and systems to make optimum use of the wealth of medical know-how, advances in technology, and the available drugs breakthroughs. It is applied broadly in many health-related areas like in the field of dentistry, public health, nursing, and pharmacy as well as medical research clinical care. Health informatics involves the application dedicated software, hardware gadgets and computer networks with the potential to collect, evaluate, and transfer medical information. The fact that application of health informatics increases the chances for delivering desirable and less expensive healthcare is the reason behind its continued growth and…show more content…
The public health surveillance is a technique to estimate the health condition and the pattern of the population under the management of the ministries of health, finance, and also donors. It is a significant tool used for measuring the relevancy for interventions and impact of these interventions since it has the ability to directly assess the ongoings of the population. The aim of surveillance is to allow individuals to make decisions improving them through accessing timely and useful evidence from the surveillance (Phillippi & Wyatt,

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