Importance Of Healthy Habits Essay

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Some people succeed at being fit not because they have perfect genes or they join health clubs, but because they live with good health habits. Habits are acquired behavior patterns that are done regularly, so that they become a part of life. According to Stephen Covey, author of the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, one can enjoy success by learning and adopting the habits of successful people they emulate. In terms of health and fitness, you can also learn from the patterns of behavior of successfully fit people, who have made healthy habits a part of their daily lives. Here are some of the right habits to achieve and maintain fitness. 1. Eat breakfast daily. Studies show that eating a good breakfast daily helps people lose…show more content…
Eat whole foods. Successful fit individuals tend to eat whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains most of the time. They also eat processed foods, but they choose those that have fewer calories and less fat, sugar and salt. They tend to keep away from junk food, although an occasional treat now and then does not hurt them because they know how to control their cravings. Whole foods are natural foods like fresh apples and oranges, oatmeal, broccoli, leafy green salads, and brown rice. These are low-density foods that take up a lot of space in the stomach because of their high fiber content. As such, they satisfy hunger with just a few calories. They also contain a variety of nutrients. On the other hand, high-density foods like butter, candy, and ice cream do the opposite. They are high only in fat, sugar and flavoring, but they can make you hungry and keep you craving for more. 6. Have an occasional treat. Fit individuals know how to eat their favorite foods. They do not eliminate their favorite treats completely from their diets, but they know when to eat them and how much they should take. They know how to enjoy tasting foods that they crave and savor the treat, so they eat slowly, instead of gulping down huge amounts of

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