Importance Of Healthy Health

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THE INPORTANCE OF CULTIVATING A LIFESTYLE OF CONSISTENT HEALTH CHECKS The quality lifestyle of an individual will determine the quality health he or she will have. Our behavior, attitude and the actions we take concerning our health issue plays a vital role to keep us safe and free from every form of disease and infections. A consistent health check should be everybody life style, as the saying goes “health is wealth”. A healthy individual is a thousand times richer than a billionaire whose home is hospital bed. Regular and comprehensive health checks should be a part of our daily activities as this will make us conscious of what we eat, our environment hygiene, how we treat others, help us to prevent possible health threatening issues, infections and diseases and also help us to know the right medication to use to avoid further health damages. Illness such as polio in children can be prevented by comprehensive health checks if the entire society are well sensitize of how deadly this ailment can affect children, Cancer in both adult and children can only be prevented or treated effectively when it is identified in its early stage. The behaviors and activities that make up our daily life; This includes the work you do, your leisure…show more content…
Think about your daily schedule and look for a way to be more active; like work as much as possible, park the car farther away and walk, take the staircase instead of the elevator and dancing. Research have shown that regular mild aerobic exercise three to four times a week may help lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and improve diabetes management. Leisure activities such as reading playing card, listening to music and other passive have also been shown to have a positive impact on
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