Importance Of Healthy Meals Essay

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Healthy meals – How, When and What

(Meta Description: Importance of having three healthy meals a day and splitting up the calorific intake to keep us energized throughout the day. Best eating habits explained)

What constitutes a good eating habit?

A good food habit ideally involves having three healthy meal sessions with sufficient time in between. The time gap is for the body to digest and assimilate the previous meal. The total calorific intake that a person requires should be divided into 4 parts, leaving three for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while the fourth part for the one or two snack sessions during the course of the day. Skipping any of the three meals results in overeating during the next session and is not good for health. Having healthy meals thrice with a couple of snacks in-between, keep us energized throughout the day.

Eating habits of people all over the world has changed during the past century or so. People these days, just do not have the time for breakfast, which is in fact the most important meal of the day. Breakfast helps maintain healthy weight and provides important nutrients that rejuvenate your body and brain after about eight hours of inactivity.

After breakfast, the lunch session too suffers with most people due to busy work schedule. Unlike breakfast which is
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The food is generally divided into five food groups such as Dairy products, Vegetables (including Beans and Legumes), Fruits, Cereals, and Meat. It will be better if we include atleast one item from each food group every day. Even within each group, different constituents should be consumed to get your nutrition balanced. For example, under the vegetable category, potato does not have the same amount of Vitamin A, as does carrot. This fact should not be lost sight of. As per nutritionists, vegetables and fruits or every color should be

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