Heart Health Research Paper

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Essentials for Heart Health
Dr. Halit Yerebakan
As a cardiac surgeon I touch to about 100 persons life (hearts) by my hands annually, but in fact I always write on this column so that I touch to thousands of lives with my words so that they don’t end up on my operating table. Its maybe a personal duty for myself that I personally assigned, but teaching about health basics have shown to improve health. Today lets go on with my specialty, heart disease.
Your power source, your heart, the organ that sits right in the middle of your chest cavity, the thing that beats, and every beat counts for your life. Well, it is so much important to know the essentials for heart health, since the only true thing that you know is its size, right about the size of your fist! We need to go further in knowledge for our longevity plans, if you want to live a long and healthy life you need a working pump inside you that delivers what ever is needed to all other parts of your body.
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After a long research we have come to a conclusion that basic lifestyle changes would benefit while protecting your heart. Sleep is top of my list. A lot of us have insomnia in this era, either we are thinking to much or not managing our daily rhythm perfectly. In the last 50 years overall sleep duration has decreased on average of 1.5 to 2 hours per night per. In a meta-analysis that was published in the European Heart Journal, presented that short sleepers had a 48% increased risk for coronary heart disease. But the good news is that scientific evidence shows that seven to eight hours of sleep every single day will protect you from heart disease, and it is free of
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