Importance Of Hercules In Greek Mythology

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Mythology is the collection of myths that denotes commonly cultural and religious beliefs of ancient human beings. The elements of it were usually the involvement of god, goddess and heroes. In addition, it was based on a man’s desire, beliefs and ideas. It also told the natural occurrence and its main purpose was to teach people moral lessons. One of the example of Greek mythology is the divine hero of ancient Greece his name was Heracles, but people knew him as Hercules. In this analysis my main focus would be: why Hercules was famous in Greek Myth? , how did he impact the world and its society? and what lessons can be learnt from him? Hercules, the son of Zeus, was very famous in Greek mythology because he slayed the unbeatable nine headed hydra and the famous Nemean lion. When he was a kid he strangled and killed two venomous snakes with his bare hands and also he was the only warrior in Greek myth who was half god and half human. He got known to the whole world when he was able to complete King Eurytheus’s twelve of the dangerous and toughest challenges in the Greek mythological history. Because of the tales of Hercules many scholars came to Greece from around the globe which brought more and more people and fame to Greece. Nonetheless, it…show more content…
Like it can teach people to be vigilant, strong and not to be scared/afraid of anything. This can also make people change their normal way of life. For example nowadays people depend on staying home and taking less risks. But I think the tales of Hercules can change that, like if people stay outside and be strong and takes risks once in a while then there is no problem for the people to be successful in life. Especially, present day warriors/fighters can learn a lot from Hercules and the lesson they can learn is never to be afraid to take risk while fighting. So the moral lesson is to stay vigilant, strong and not be afraid of anything in
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