Importance Of Heredity And Environment In Learning

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Heredity and environment play an important role in learning. Heredity plays a vital role in forming a healthy individual who is fit to learn. Heredity contributes to the intelligence and intellectual maturity of an individual. The environment also plays a huge role in learning. It helps to build self-confidence and enhances motivation to learn. It builds a holistic individual who is ready for life. I strongly believe that both heredity and environment should be given equal priority in teaching and learning. As a teacher, it is important to understand the effects of both heredity and environmental factors on learning. By so doing, a teacher can be in a position to plan and lay a strategic environment for learning for their learners.
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What more! Create learning opportunities and allow space for individual approaches to learning. Most importantly in an effective teaching, teacher act as a facilitator and allows students to take responsibilities for their own learning but not indoctrinating knowledge to the students head. Teachers play a vital role in teaching and learning that enhance students to become independent and critical thinkers while modeling life-long learners. In addition, the role of a teacher is to reach the heart and mind of the children, expand their intellect and knowledge. Build a holistic individual who can face the unknown future ahead of them. Assessment is something we can't ignore. As mentioned above using effective teaching method we can assess students. In other words, formative assessment is used to assess students learning. I believe this the most effective way of assessing students because a teacher can modify teaching and learning activities to improve student's achievement in the process of…show more content…
As we all know that there are either born-leaders or acquire their skills through education. Hence, it is crucial to provide the most an ideal environment to learn. I personally believe that there are pros and cons of every learning environment. Whether it is public schools, private schools or homeschooling, virtual learning. I believe that best environment should have all the facilities and equipment's which is needed for learning. Students should have a home feeling when they are engaging in learning. An environment that they feel respected and loved from others. Educating students is not an easy job. One of the challenges that are faced in the learning environment is the discipline problem. While handling 32 to 35 students it is very difficult to overcome the issues and also most valuable time for the rest of the students will be wasted. It's also challenging for a single teacher to cater a large number of students in a class, for instance, each class will have different ability students and when we look at the class there will not be space for children to teach separately in the class too. Another critical aspect of the learning environment is resources. There are fewer resources available in schools which affect students'

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