What I Learned In A High School Internship

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The high school experiences that I attained helped me developed my leadership skills and my communication skills allowing me to use them outside the school. I was available to keep up a professional attitude and work efficiently. With everything, I learned I was more comfortable being myself. Showing the agency where I did my hours that I was capable of doing anything. The agency influenced me to work harder than before not forgetting that have the one year of high school left and this internship will be used in my resume in the future. I am proud to say that I worked hard and showed them that I am an accomplished and responsible student. The internship not only influenced me to work harder but to learn to focus on what I want and one day be successful like my supervisor. Her story was influential and I admire her work. When I am done with high school I hope I can go to college and meet my dreams. The three most important skills that I developed in the internships were having well-listening skills, keeping an open mind and teamwork skills. Which will be really important…show more content…
I loved this opportunity because it showed me who I really am and that to learn and take new experiences you need to take the risk to exposing who you are. If I believed in myself and showed confidence I was going to be better. From this I make new connections learned new skills. I saw things with a different perspective, and I found new interests. I decided what I wanted my career to be, what I know will make my success and be proud of whom I am. The internship made me realize that I wanted a more active career. Like I said before noticed that I like having more things to do and that is why I think of going to college for the four years and then go to the police academy so and go ahead with my dream of becoming a Forensic Investigator. But the start it’s ending high school strong to start college and have a new
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