Higher Order Thinking (HOTS)

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Higher order thinking occurs when a person takes new information and information stored in memory and interrelates and/or rearranges and extends this information to achieve a purpose or find possible answers in perplexing situations. A diversity of purposes can be achieved through higher order thinking . . . deciding what to believe; deciding what to do; creating a new idea, a new object, or an artistic expression; making a prediction; and solving a nonroutine problem.
(Lewis and Smith, 1993 p. 136)
Resnick (1987) stated that higher order thinking can be acknowledged when it occurs, and she presented a few commonalities among a variety of descriptions: it is complex, it is non-algorithmic, it often lends
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At the same time, measures will also be taken to enhance proficiency in English (BI) so as to enable students to compete and explore new knowledge at national and international levels. As cited in Thirusanku and Melor, (2013), both of them stated that, the enculturation and mastery of English from school will also help in efforts to foster national unity and develop a new economy in a globalized, dynamic and increasingly challenging world. It is difficult to deny that both languages have an important role to play in producing human capital with the knowledge, skills and competency to drive a knowledge-based…show more content…
Assessments are now widely administered as means to improve teaching and learning. Specifically, it may also be seen as an everyday, on-going part of teaching and learning in the classroom. Assessing the academic achievement of every student is an essential part in order to develop or enhancing their higher order thinking skills. By conducting assessment, teachers’ therefore could identify necessary adjustment that need to be made in order to ensure students are able to master what has been taught. In general, as cited in Looi-Chin and Soubakeavathi (2013) several studies on teachers’ assessment in United States (Bailey, 2004; Yueming, Eslami and Burlbaw, 2006) have shown that a majority of teachers valued assessment provides benefits to their

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