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Holi - 'Festival of Colors ', is one of the most important festivals that is celebrated with full enthusiasm in our country during March. The interest possessed by you and the type of experience you want to have are the main factors which decide the best place for you to observe Holi celebrations in India. All over India, people celebrate this festival in their own way from visiting a traditional temple to visiting modern parties. Colors and bhang are most appealing ways to enjoy the air of this festival. If you are really willing to spend your long weekend of Holi away from but haven 't decided yet where to go. Here is the list of places to celebrate Holi in India in a unique way.

Mathura and Vrindavan: Traditional Holi
Vrindavan is just
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Willing to experience unforgettable Holi celebrations? Then try to be a part of Mewar Royal family 's celebration. Magnificent Palace procession is held from the Royal residence to Manek Chowk at the City Palace. Bedecked horses and Royal band form the part of this grand celebration.

Mumbai: Community Holi with Slum Children
Everyone expects slum to be a depressing place but the largest slum of Mumbai, Dharavi is not so, especially on Holi. Take a tour of this fascinating slum. A Holi party is organized for the community at Dharavi which can be joined by you too if you are keen to celebrate Holi in a safe and friendly environment with localities. 80% of proceeds are devoted in order to help the people of Dharavi.

Delhi: Holi Cow
With kids being at the highest level of craziness and elders with fun and frolic, Delhi gets a little rowdy during Holi. If you can get the tickets of Holi Moo Festival also known as Holi Cow Festival then you can enjoy Holi in an awesome way. Holi Cow is one of the most happening festivals of Delhi where every music lover flocks together to enjoy 40 Indian and international performers who are spread over four stages. Everybody gets in the mood as the environment is safer with non-toxic colors, bhang, street food, and
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