Importance Of Homeland Security In Pakistan

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The homeland security system is a concept build up to avoid the danger of terrorism and all types of misdeeds in the city structure of the developed world. Home land security occupies an exclusive place at the edge of national and international security. It has many proportions ranging in diversity from vaccine development to border fence construction and efforts to safe and sound air travel sea containers and decisive infrastructure. In post 9/11 scenario the world encountered with the danger of terrorism that forced in danger of extinction countries to launch combined efforts against the rising threat of terrorism. The homeland security scheme is a multi faced assignment to give safety and protection to our cities and maintain its development. Pakistan is in terrible need to pick such strategies of safety and security to sustain its economic development and its citizen’s security. The study will discuss a planned policy of homeland security for Pakistan keeping its focus on both approaches security and safety. The present situation and the current threats to Pakistan security.The Lahore Attack: Limits of Pakistan’s Counter-terrorism Policy Filed under: Security and tagged with: al Qaeda Army Public School Attack, counter-terrorism policy, FATA,ISIL, Lahore attack, Pakistani military, Zarb e-Azb Review of literature Security is the starting point through which the national security problem can be solved. It consists of not only military, but also social, economic,

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