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At Homework Club in my local library, I am a volunteer, and, every Monday, we assist young children with schoolwork. What makes this organization distinctive is the location; we operate in an area notorious for its poverty and crime rates. As a result, kids from nearby schools endure a troublesome life where education is just not the pinnacle. So, Homework Club provides every child an opportunity to excel academically. This goal drives me to participate in education is a pinnacle component in life. Over time, this experience has truly accelerated my problem-solving ability. Every student grasps information differently and, thus, every new student is a new challenge. Personally, my efforts are a pivotal component of the effort since the lack of such would cut down the number of volunteers for every student and, in turn, the amount of devotion one can exert. Overall, this experience exhibits my desire to assist those in my community and to refine my abilities as a true leader.

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Based on my reflection, I desire to augment my courage; I want to confidently take risks as opposed to the safe, cautious route. In life, many decision equates to some form of risk or repercussions. Thus, I endeavor to build my assertiveness through all actions since success arrives at the expense of risks. Also, I see opportunities to improve my focus - by that I mean the ability to fixate my thoughts on a final goal. Focusing on the ultimate achievement distinguishes a contributor from a leader, a person who wisely concentrates and devotes the best resources towards the final goal. Therefore, this is something I want to embrace. Currently, I do establish final goals, but I fail to accomplish some of them by severing progress midway through development. This aspect revolves around commitment, and the enhancement of such element would make me a more influential person by

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