Importance Of Homework Essay

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Do you ever think if doing homework each night actually is important or do you think that 7 hours of school is enough already . Is homework helpful or harmful ? Many students around the world are talking about how homework is a big waste of time and that homework given each night is too much to deal w . On the other hand students think that homework is a good thing because you can learn much more and it can help you improve on reading and speaking . In my opinion i think that homework is helpful yet it can be harmful . There are many opinion’s weather homework is good or bad for you but homework is really easy if you pay attention and you actually do try to do your homework . Homework can be a real struggle if you stress too much over an assignment it can make you start cheating and copying . That is my personal opinion about how homework is helpful but it can be harmful .

One of the reasons homework is a good thing , is that homework is a very good thing for every student because it makes them experience new things . Evidence to support that is that home can improve your child 's thinking and memory , it helps your child develop positive study skills and habits that will serve him or her well throughout life . Homework encourages your child to use their time wisely , it teaches your child to work independently and teach her/him that homework can be done w/o help . Lastly , home allows your child to extend learning by applying skills to new situations . Those are just some
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