Should Students Have Less Homework Essay

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As we know,having homework is a must for every student 's education. We have been started doing homework since we started our school.Homework helps us to study well and it’s a way to improve ourselves in education or learning knowledge. Homework will help students to understand easily and quickly the syllabus that have been taught in class. Homework is important to reinforce what students learn in school, but too much of it can be a burden for them. Thus, I strongly agree that students should have less homework as it can reduce the stress or anxiety of the students, increase the time spent with their family and can provide the exploration time for the students.
First and foremost, having lesser homework can cause less stress and anxiety of
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These children should have the opportunity to explore the part of the world that they have been missing out on. They will be able to meet new people from other countries, and learn more about the animals that share the world with them. In the olden days, people or children would spend a lot of time on riding bicycle exploring something new in their neighborhood. It was a great time to let their curiosity lead the way. As people says “time with nature will result in an increase in physical activity, social relations, and self discipline.” Although people might argue that if the students have lesser homework, that’s mean less time for the students to spend on studying. They might spend their time online playing games too. However, in my opinion, when they are playing online games, something interesting can be explored too besides enjoying the happy moments. As saying goes, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.
All in all, I would derived that lesser homework should be given to the students as it is beneficial in the studies of the students. Too much of homework can caused stress or anxiety, reduce time spent with family and have less time to explore too. However, no homework given would caused students be lazy and lack of motivation to study or learning something new. Thus, lesser homework given to students will be benefited to all the
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