Importance Of Homework

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As we know,having homework is a must for every student 's education. We have been started doing homework since we started our school.Homework helps us to study well and it’s a way to improve ourselves in education or learning knowledge. Homework will help students to understand easily and quickly the syllabus that have been taught in class. Homework is important to reinforce what students learn in school, but too much of it can be a burden for them. Thus, I strongly agree that students should have less homework as it can reduce the stress or anxiety of the students, increase the time spent with their family and can provide the exploration time for the students. First and foremost, having lesser homework can cause less stress and anxiety of the students. It is due to they have to face a lot of homework everyday and they are worrying that they couldn’t finish that in the period that have fixed by the teachers, They may face the problems like anxiety and lack of sleep due to they want to finish all the homework given.Lack of sleep may cause health problem and they may can’t focus on their studies too. Subsequently, it may cause a negative impact on students in the school performance. During class, it is common to see students resting their heads on their arms with their eyes shut. Therefore, students with more homework would have a hard time concentrating during school. All in all, although homework is vital important to the students, but too much of homework can have negative

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