Essay On Homosexual Adoption

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HOMOPARENTAL ADOPTION AND THE FACE OF ETHICS Introduction Adoption of homosexual couples is a controversial topic because it is considered as the next natural step after the legalization of homosexual marriages. In the lasts years, this topic has evolved and it involves different ethical aspects. This work pretends to create a space of critical analysis and reflection that allows people to be rational and impartial at decision making for the wellness of society where they belong, and at the same time taking into consideration the general fact of family as the fundamental basis in society, also how love join families, as well as the influence of homosexual couples when referring to sexual identity of children and the priority of rights of them. Homosexual adoption can be referred as the adoption of parents of the same sex, which allows people of the same genre to be legally recognized as parents of a child. In several times the child can be the biological son of one of the parents or not in order to form a family which is defined by Anthony Giddens by a "group of people directly linked by parenting links and where adult members assume the responsibility of the care of their kids".…show more content…
As a mean to focus the situation impartially, and taking as a priority the rights of the children, there be will ethical argumentations based on good reasoning that will help us choose between acceptances or denial of homosexual adoption. And on the other hand, we will be based in some scientific studies or investigation methods that approve or disapprove this action, only if there are counterproductive reactions in children who were adopted by homosexual couples. As well for people to develop self-ethical criteria and to stop depending on the beliefs of
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