Importance Of Hospitality Experience In Hospitality

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Experience has always been among the top things guests consider when choosing a hotel. Guests experience drives loyalty and referrals and creates positive word-of-mouth and online reviews nowadays. We have to wow the customer in order to win his advocacy and keep him from trying someone else next time. We have to a provide experiences that allows guests to have the experience they seek.

The role that appropriate design plays in creating the guest experience.

By investing in creating a more memorable place by having elegant designs will make the guests to come back, giving them the experience they seek will make them to return. First impression always lasts. For example, The owner who invests in creating a more memorable guest experience will see the value in terms of higher room rates and higher occupancies. People will hear about the property and want to experience it for themselves. And guests who have experienced it will want to return.
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If the atmosphere is designed to be relaxing and peaceful, then all touch points should be analyzed to create the feeling each step of the way. These includes how do hotels create the mood? What mood is most appropriate and what mood should employees be in to deliver the mood? Mood actually translates to ambiance, the setting of an environment and the feelings that an environment generates. Ambiance is actually a powerful aspect of service delivery. The applicable rule for ambiance should be that what is created is what is controlled. Maintaining the physical facility is not more important than maintaining the service ambiance created every minute by personnel. Management has the responsibility of defining the desired ambiance for the hotel’s overall experience, physically and inter-personally, and then sensitizing all employees in their own roles in the delivery of the complete sensory
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