What Role Did Women Play In Athenian Life

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The center of regular life in Athens was the home. The design of their houses was very simple, which are few windows, doors, and pieces of furniture. Everyone have played important role in house as well. However, there was the different part for everyone.
First of all, men were the only people granted residence in Athens, so they did the most around the town. Every day, men need went to markets and sold well in the market to earn money. Men had jobs and they need to take care of the land. In their leisure time, they will meet with friends to talk about politics or went to temples to pray. Furthermore, men did all the shopping and doings outside of the house. Men were the only ones allowed a formal education as well. Men had a special room in the house just for themselves which no women can enter except for slaves and entertainers were let in. The room was used for relaxing male guests and loafing around.
Next, for the women, they spent most of their lives in the house. They daily routine are knitted, prepared food, guided the slaves, stitched, and grew the children. Women also had their own room in the house that men could not enter. For them, a house guest to enter the women's quarters has counted a
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In Athens, women were considered sexually incompetent, they only controlled in the household. Most of the men admitted upon that women could not be granted a leadership position. However, it was women who inspired some of the best politicians. Therefore, they could do whatever they wanted as long as they did not break any laws. In reality, the woman of the house must leave everything against arriving of the husband. It was the kind of household we have seen until 10-20 years ago where the man was more or less the center of the woman's life. Yet, it was usually assumed that women were second-rate to men in every way due to there were men who scorned a woman. Divorce was considerably usual in

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