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Human resources management (HRM) in the hotel industry, especially in big hotel chains, has been developed in the last few times, by latest HRM assets. The importance of HRM in the Hotel industry is constantly increasing day by day. Hotels have an important role to engage, Attract and maintain top talents, by rearranging working environment .All HR mangers should be familiar with rapid changing business environment and practices. HRM work in hotel industry is very patient, because customers are right all the time, then all these things is managed by human resource manager. HR managers also have to be aware with rapidly changing business environment and tendencies. Hotels play an important and crucial role to engage and attract and entertain…show more content…
HR plays an important role in Hotel, because the HR is only person who being responsible for the things that happen in the hotel. So, the HR manger take care all the activities in the Hotel, and coordinate all the staff members’ members in the hotel. The research focused on one star to five star rated hotel. Five star hotels provide fantastic facility. And then four star hotel and so on. These hotels provide facilities depend on the payment basis. The hotel ratings are according to the ratings. This hotel study was based on a descriptive survey research design. Both quantitative and qualitative data was collected. There are various opportunities in hotel industry. There are many fields for promotion of HRM. This is never boring even it is exciting job, there are no monotone of work .All work are different to one another. Systematic analysis of HRM needs in order to satisfy that the right number of people is available at the right time at the right place to do the right job. The Role of HRM is to analyze and follow jobs, goal achievements etc. Introduction…show more content…
Five star hotels give the variety of facilities among all of hotels. • 5 Star Hotel- 5 star hotels are the most luxurious conveniently located hotel in India. In 5 Star hotel HR department are maintained separately .Follow the decisions of HR Strictly. HR professionals are hired. Some names of 5 Star Hotels are- Belmond Hotel in Venice, The Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi, The Lalit New Delhi and many more. • 4 Star Hotel- These hotels give all the latest facilities. In 4 Star Hotel concept of HR is sometimes followed and sometimes not followed. There is all such type of facilities such as, spa, swimming pool, A-one facilities in rooms. Some names of 4 Star Hotels are- Hilton Garden in New Delhi Saket, Udman Hotel and Resort in Delhi and many

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