The Importance Of Human Health

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There are wide acceptance of the idea that human capital is one of the vital factor of economic success on both the countryl level and the individual level. Having a healthy workforce is crucial for the survival and development of the community. Societies and countries that are composed of healthy individuals become the driving force of development and growth. Because other production factors have a certain limit. For example, land is limited in the world. Capital can be increased with the current capital scale. Possessing human power is the easiest factor, but it is the most costly factor for effectiveness. At this point, the health of the individuals becomes very important. Because community's health passes through individual health. It…show more content…
Besides education is the basic element of the human capital, the level of health of the society is also other important source for development and protection of the society. There is a close causality relationship between the level of health of a society and economic development. Countries that have reached economic development at a certain level, allocate their recources for health too much, so individual awareness affects also accelerating of economic development. With the higher health level of societies, the workforce is used efficiently and it has a positive effect on the development of the country because of the increasing total output. So, health is direct impact on income and welfare of society, workers productivity , labor force participition, saving rates and other human capital…show more content…
Mushkin (1962) states that health and educated individuals are more active as producers and consumers in the society. However, When healthy individiuald are educated, education results is becoming more evident. Another important point is, it is possible to benefit from these education investment for a long time. Because, a healthy people have a longer life span, and they have longer working life,and they will not löse much of their productivity. Mushkin (1962) also states that , education and health are comlement for each other, so countries have to invest health as well as they do for pyhsical capital and education

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