Importance Of Human Environment On Human Life

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Human life is important. I am not saying it is more important than of the animals, but Human life is essential. The life of Humans and animals are being threatened by Global Warming. Global warming is caused by pollution caused by the Humans. The only way to stop global warming is to prevent pollution at all costs. According to Wikipedia Global Warming has led to environmental hazards to Human Health, ozone depletion, disease, extreme weather and danger of wildland fires. These causes don’t just affect human life, but other life in Earth too. There are 3 main causes that affects Human life directly as listed below. Extreme Weather is one of the causes that can definitely wipeout humans of the face of Earth. Extreme weather consists of natural disasters that we see in regular life for ex: floods, earthquakes, wildfires, landslide, tsunamis and many other disasters. These disaster kill people, but if we fail to prevent pollution we will create disasters that will take millions of human lives and it will all be our fault. According to “ The World Health Organization” estimates that 160,000 deaths since 1950 are directly contributed to climate change. A major problem right now is Glacier melting which if not stopped will kill way more people than 160,000 and also in a short time. The way Glacier melting will affect us is by increasing the water level in the ocean creating floods and many other disasters. According to “ The Weather channel” there are about 82 flood deaths just

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