Importance Of Human Factor In Aviation

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TOPIC: Does human factor play an important role in providing a safe aviation industry? 1) BOOK (FROM HUNT LIBRARY) Eduardo, S., & Dan, M. (Dec 2009). Human Factors in Aviation (2nd ed.). Academic Press. Summary: In March 1988, Avianca flight 410 crashed into the mountains after taking off from a Columbian airport killing all passengers and crew aboard. Upon investigation, it was found that the cause for accident was due to controlled flight into terrain. This was precipitated by poor teamwork and cockpit distractions, including non-flying personnel present in the cockpit. Evaluation: Information was posted on Dec 2009 quite recent so it makes the information and content very current. This book gives quite reliable information about the…show more content…
An example is the Continental Express accident in 1991.A failure to complete a repair and notify the Next subsequent work shift led to a revenue flight before the aircraft was ready. Subsequent structural failure resulted in an accident causing multiple fatalities. Due to accidents occurring frequently, the public are now more aware of the importance of aircraft maintenance as a safety…show more content…
Human factors specialists are appointed to assess the role of human error in the cause of aviation accidents. Findings are applied to human factors research to understand why well trained individuals made errors they did not intend to make, and suggest ways to mitigate opportunities for these errors from occurring in the future. Evaluation: Information was published on 1999 which is not very current. It covers information about research being carried out to understand why even trained individuals could cause an error. This is important as there could be other factors which could be hindering them causing them to make an error. Author is Barry Strauch who works for the National Transportation Safety Board (Washington DC) which is an organisation which investigates all aircraft accidents. So this is a non-biased journal and should be credible. 6) Article (From Hunt

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