Importance Of Human Nature In International Politics

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Which is more important as an influence on international politics - human nature and the force of ideas, or the pressures placed on states by the international environment?

All human beings in this universe are with a theory, their behavior and words associated an opinion and ideas. Theories derived from his/her thoughts or others. Human beings to live and to make living need ideas, and this topic encompass in the micro- small family community and in the macro- an international community. International relation is also derived by some theories; all countries and different states to communicate with the international community behaved based on a theory. Theory typically associated with possibilities and does not act as sciences act in hypothesis. Theory gives the legitimacy subject to moral judgment for analysis of the humans ' decision-making or the government. In this introduction, among all the theories that have been proposed by scientists and scholars of political science, I will discuss Realism, Constructivism, and Neo-realism rather than the other ideas and how these three are effective in international relation. In response to the question-which of them are more important as an influence on international relation? I trust that human nature- realism is more important than the others. Despite the fact that most of politics scholars trust that the force of ideas and the pressures placed on states by the international environment is important as an influence on
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