Importance Of Human Resouce Management

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What is Human Resouce Management (HRM)
Human Resource Management (HRM) taps on individual’s expertise and fit into the organization needs. It is basically to fully maximise an employee’s abilities that works well with the goal of a company.
The authors (Mathis and Jackson, 2011, p4) define HRM as a management system to ensure that human talent is well used to accomplish organizational goals.
HRM not only recruit and hire employees, but also take into accounts of other aspects. HRM is basically an all rounder by managing performance, administering pay and benefits, ensuring compliance with labour laws and maintaining positive employee relation.
In HRM, employee comes from different field of study and do not only restrict themselves from management. There are also professions with degree in law, humanities and social science (economics or psychology). There is no best method but only to find the most efficient method to manage people.
This is important because to be successful in HR, you need to speak the same language as people in the other business functions (Noe, Hollen, Gerhart, and Wright,2014:21)

Importance of HRM
HRM as an organization core focus on the effectiveness and productivity as a whole. The responsibility is huge as they cover many areas within an organization.
Below are the different areas:
• Analysing and Designing Jobs
• Recruiting and Hiring Employees
• Training and Developing Employees
• Managing Performance
• Planning and Administering Pay and

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