Importance Of Human Resource Management

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Successful public organizations look at employees as their primary resource for development. The emphasis is placed on active management of their resources. Motivation and satisfaction of employees are becoming key issues of contemporary organizations. The essential element of the human resources management is primarily a system of employee motivation. Different models and systems of measuring employee satisfaction and motivation are being developed in the context of human resource management.
The common goal of the system/model for measuring satisfaction and motivation of the employees is a tendency to develop a feeling in each individual that all employees share a common destiny / fate with the public organization and to attempt to release the creative potential of employees through tangible and intangible incentives (Aščerić, 2008). The quality of life in the workplace is considered to be the key factor for motivation.

The employees are the ones that give meaning to the organization, because without people - organizations do not exist. The employee is a thinking and conscious being which has his own goals and his own life that takes place outside of the organization (Lukić, 2007). This shows that people are a much more complex resource than other types of resources. A man 's working potential cannot be cruelly exploited like a machine’s, because a man is a being with emotion, a being that needs the respect for himself and the
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