Importance Of Human Resource Planning

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Human resource planning also known as HRP plays a paramount port in any organization as a tool to achieve goals via effective strategic of Human Resource Management or HRM. It is has been a cliché that the people are the most important in business. Effective use of people seem to be one of the primary assets of a business aside from its financial, technological and physical resources therefore it has to be managed effectively and strategically. HRP is a process in which human resource requirement within complex labour market is utilized to achieve organizational long term objective and goals.
This part is focusing on the role of HRM Department of Pantai Timur Hypermarket Sdn Bhd of planning,recruitment and selection strategy in supporting employee retention withing in an organization and the effective strategy that are internationally being used and must be used.
HRM department of Pantai Timur Hypermarket Sdn Bhd have the tendency to habitually ignore the importance of the HR planning. Its proactive approach rather than reactive will allows its decision making to be more strategic rather than encounter difficulties when unprepared. The HRM Department has improve the decision making regarding the “overall qualitative and quantitative balance of employees” by anticipating the labour surplus and shortages. The requirement procedure done by HRM Department will be many part such as external and internal, online and involves the stage of requirement
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