Importance Of Human Resources Sergeant In The Army

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The importance of the Human Resources Sergeant in the Army White Paper, The Profession of Arms, is evident throughout. The following essay will describe the many different areas and the countless examples of just how important a Human Resources Sergeant’s role is. There are so many facets of every day Army life where the Human Resources Sergeant is vital to operations, from the additional duties we perform, to assisting our Commanders’ in their interest Programs, and everything in between. Human Resources Sergeants have to be constant professionals and enhance the Professional Culture in the military. What is a profession? Simply put, it is to be an expert through experience in one’s career field. It is not simply holding an open to…show more content…
We all understand how to be a good Soldier. We must not only know those values, we must encompass them. As Dempsey says; (2010) “The Army Ethic begins with the moral values the Army defends” (p. 12). As a Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms, we have a calling. We have been called upon to take care of so many in so many different ways. This is not a small undertaking, nor should it be taken as such. We are experts and we are professionals. We are in the position we find ourselves for a reason, and as long as we continue to keep our moral values close to us, the Father in Heaven will guide…show more content…
Now, this is not an easy feat. We have the best profession in the world. We get to serve the small portion of our country who volunteered to serve in this organization, but that bears with it a great amount of responsibility. Human Resources professionals in the Army have an expectation to be an expert at all things administrative. It does not matter how long you have served in the role. Once you put on that Adjutant General shield, you are immediately depended on. This dependence spans outside of just the Soldiers that you see and associate with on a regular basis. Soldiers rely on us, to not only make sure their records are updated accurately and on time, spouses look to us to make sure that pay is submitted correctly and timely, children look forward to the events we help coordinate, parents look to us to make sure we are giving their Soldiers the best information about the benefits they enlisted for. One thing that has always been taught to me is that, we have three tasks that will make or break us: efficiency, effectiveness, and meeting the needs of Soldiers. If we cannot submit documents in a timely matter, we have failed. If we are not accurate in everything we do, we have failed. If we do not keep Soldier’s records up to date, we have failed. This profession is an area that we simply cannot

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