Importance Of Human Rights In Health Care

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Health has a relationship with core values that should be at the heart of visionary new development framework, it is critical to achieving equity as if equitable access to healthcare pathways are opened there is betterment in employment, engagement with economic activity and quality of life. Health is a human right and poor health, discrimination, disease-related stigma and inequality can marginalize groups of people. Promoting and protecting health and respecting, protecting and fulfilling human rights are linked: • lack of attention to human rights can have consequences Harmful traditional practices, slavery, violence, torture ,degrading and inhumane treatment . • Health policies and programmes promote or violate human rights in their implementation freedom from discrimination, individual autonomy, privacy and information rights to participation • Vulnerability to ill-health can be reduced by taking steps to respect, protect and fulfil human rights such as freedom from discrimination on account of race, sex and gender roles and rights to health, food and education, housing and nutrition Strategies All these play an important role in human health. A disregard of respect for human rights ignites the way for the spread of HIV and increases impact of the epidemic on affected parties.5 Gender-based violence and gender inequality makes woman and girls more vulnerable especially in areas where access to resources to educate and

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