Importance Of Evidence Based Medicine (Ebm)

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Register to read the introduction…Today’s health care professionals know that this is not the correct way of practicing. When researchers study diseases or conditions they look at many patients to confidently deduce a particular condition and how to treat it in different patients. (1)
Evidence is always vital when it comes to medicines, it should be known how efficacious a medicine is based on evidence, possible contraindications as well as the adverse side effects. All this should be based on research and evidence which is always needed in order to provide the best possible pharmaceutical care to the patient. (1) Recent evidence suggests that three broad strategies based on the principles, strategies, and tactics of evidence-based medicine ' (EBM) can work. (2)By way of background, evidence-based medicine is said to have five linked ideas: Clinical and other health care decisions should be based on the best patient- and population-based as well as laboratory-based evidence.(2) Identifying the best evidence calls for the integration of epidemiological and bio-statistical ways of thinking with those derived from pathophysiology and personal experience of health care professionals or decision makers of the EBM (examples include using likelihood ratios to increase the power
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The EML is revised every two years because of the changing resistance of diseases to medicines, the environment and production of new medicines as well as the replacement of the old ones.(4)
Roles of current and future healthcare professionals
Health professionals around the world have to conform to the similar roles to achieve the same goal which is improving health of patients. To ensure this, students in each health profession needs to know and understand the roles played by each health professional. There are many organizations which are improving the roles of health care

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