Importance Of Human Science

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Human science is the study of the social, cultural and biological aspects of human beings; at its most fundamental level, it addresses the question of what it is to be human. On the other hand, natural sciences are a system of knowledge that study the natural world, and the material properties of the universe to help us understand them. Both these areas of knowledge are defined as “sciences” as the scientific methodology, consisting of observations, hypotheses and experiments is used in both of them so as to come up with theories. Even though human sciences use the scientific method, the conclusions derived from them are to some extent more subjective, as human behavior is unpredictable. Results may vary when applying from one human to the other, making theories less accurate and relatable. Experiments performed in human sciences are also a lot more limited, as testing on humans can be perceived as immoral, preventing so-called “scientists” from coming up with the correct theories. For the following reasons, one could argue that human sciences should not fall under the area of knowledge “science”. It all comes down to what we define as “science”, as stated before, anything that makes use of the scientific methodology is distinguished as a science, hence, we must analyze whether the methodology used in human sciences is indeed scientific.
With the term science, we talk about the knowledge that is generated with a specific methodology and is based on scientific research. We
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