Importance Of Humanistic Medicine

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Humanistic medicine is medical treatment where doctors interact with patients. For example, doctors listen to patients, communicate with them openly, show them empathy and bedside manner. There are three important points about humanistic medicine. First, practicing humanistic medicine will improve effect of the treatment. Because by practicing humanistic medicine, the doctors can earn the patients’ trust. People trust the person who listen to them, communicate with them and care for them, which are the things that doctors do when practicing humanistic medicine. If the patients trust his or her doctor, they are willing to comply with his or her suggestion and naturally effect of the treatment will increase. Also, the state of the patient’s…show more content…
Through humanistic medicine, the doctors can at least relieve the anxieties of the patients, which will boost the energy of the patient and eventually lead them to recover. In addition, humanistic medicine enable the doctor to make a more informed diagnosis. The doctor can learn more about the patient’s lifestyle and habits, which is important information to consider when making a diagnosis but unknown by merely staring at the data that the machines give. Therefore, he or she could make more accurate and individualized diagnosis. Second, the doctor can form his or her identity through practicing humanistic medicine. In capitalistic society, doctors are prone to suffer identity crisis between money-making technicians and healers serving the society. Especially, seeking only for the material value, the doctor can easily fall into a snare of treating patients according to the mechanical manual. However, humanistic medicine, which bases on sincere concerns for the patients, helps doctors to remind themselves that what they are doing is essentially to relieve suffering of the patients and, if they could, make them happier. This will lead a doctor to search the calling of his life and seek the value of the social duty as a

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