Humanistic Medicine Advantages And Disadvantages

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Humanistic medicine is medical treatment where doctors interact with patients. For example, doctors listen to patients, communicate with them openly, show them empathy and bedside manner.

There are three important points about humanistic medicine. First, practicing humanistic medicine will improve effect of the treatment. Because by practicing humanistic medicine, the doctors can earn the patients’ trust. People trust the person who listen to them, communicate with them and care for them, which are the things that doctors do when practicing humanistic medicine. If the patients trust his or her doctor, they are willing to comply with his or her suggestion and naturally effect of the treatment will increase. Also, the state of the patient’s
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Therefore, as the members of the society who live on the service they offer, doctors should meet the needs of humanistic medicine and adapt to it. Of course, some may refute the need of humanistic medicine because it is inefficient. However, practicing humanistic medicine is simple and easy. Just by staying before the patients, by taking their hands, by keeping eye contacts with them are easy starters of humanistic medicine. Therefore, for trained doctors, practicing humanistic medicine can be exact and straightforward medical treatment. Personally, I do think, we need humanistic medicine. I had a cold recently. When I went a hospital, the nurse checked my temperature with a thermometer and said “your temperature is not that high.” with an indifferent glance, walked away and I was neglected for a time. That was a hurtful remark and attitude for the person feeling she was going to die with a cold. Maybe just one word of empathy from her would make my suffering less painful. Also, pre-medical students of Korean medicine are obliged to learn Oriental classics, which embody humanism. This kind of curriculum suggests that Korean medicine want the beginners to immerse in the understanding and love for human first and the detailed skills later. It seems that the ancient people perceived that the very start of medical
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