Importance Of Humanitarian Intervention

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Having a clear political context should be important in the topic of intervention. Humanitarian assistance should always be perceived as a democratic action. For instance, International NGOs and the UN strongly state that their activities are non-political and impartial. They provide assistance on the basis of need without regard to the recipient’s ethnicity, religion or political position. (Seybolt 17)
Having a clear distinction between humanitarian and political work should be a big priority. “According to this view, humanitarian and political objectives must be separated so that local actors do not see humanitarian intervention as a tool for their own political objectives.” (Seybolt 18) In a way, Humanitarian theorists argue that a lack
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In addition to the last paragraph, we find a more ethical perspective. The duty to protect other is one that philosopher, using the concept of natural law, called “natural duty.” (Nardin 2000) John Rawls stated, “Natural duties are the basis for humanity. Natural duties work together with obligations to form requirements.” (Rawls 1971)
The tradition in which the use of force is justified not only by self-defense but also by the morality of punishing the wrong and protecting the innocent could be use as a pillar for the concept. This tradition has some connection with international law and humanitarian intervention. “It holds that armed intervention is morally justified when people are violently mistreated by their rulers, and is reflected in the widely held opinion that states, acting unilaterally or collectively, are justified in enforcing respect for human rights.” (Nardin 2000) It is this concept that best describes the moral of humanitarian intervention. Common morality does not limit the use of force to self-defense. It allows us to defend, by force, the rights of others when those rights are threatened. In other words, by violating the freedom of other, they cost their own. We are justified in using as much force as is needed to
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This concept, basically, stands for nations joining together to destroy the groups and forces deemed to be responsible for global terrorism. The concept and Humanitarian Intervention can both be related because they, both, seek the improvement in conditions and the reduction in human suffering. However, “war on terror” can also differ from Humanitarian Intervention because it indicates that any problem in the state should be, and maybe can only be, addressed through military actions. The effect of the “war on terror” on Humanitarian Intervention cast the issue of humanitarian intervention into a very different perspective. It increased the concern with terrorism and pushed the problems of humanitarian intervention into the back-

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