Summary: The Influence Of Humor In Advertising

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Adding humor to advertisements help enhance audience responses towards the products as well as the ad. Because of this belief humor is ads have become popular (Burnett, Fisk, and Lunsford 1987; Weinberger and Campbell 1991). Involvement has been defined as "an individual, internal state of arousal with intensity, direction, and persistence properties" (Andrews, Durvasula, and Akhter 1990). Celsi and Olson (1988) say that there are types of involvements intrinsic and extrinsic which depend on the product specifications and environmental cues. Another study by Weinberger and Campbell (1991) tells us that humor ads high involvement of consumers towards the product. This shows that humor is useful in enhancing the audience responses towards the advertisements. For example, the consumer attitudes were…show more content…
When involvement was low, such cues were effective in enhancing post communication attitude, but when involvement was increased, the positive effect dissipated. According to a cognition analysis the humor and how the message is perceived varies depending on the level of involvement. As said by Greenwald and Leavitt (1984), to use humor in advertising to enhance message recognition is of both practical interest and academic interest. Humor is used in almost every marketing ads (e.g., in commercials, on-line ads, personal selling, and direct marketing). Involvement works as a moderator between humor and advertising and other variables which lead to the good recognition of the ad. (Zhang,Y, and George M. Zinkhan) As garner says laughter and humor is used to reduce stress and anxiety, for increasing self-motivation and for other positive psychological matters. People respond more to advertisements when humor is added, in short humor increases participation Kaplan and Pascoe in 1977. According to Bower [10] a positive or good mood brings out positive perception of events, as humor boosts the good mood, it may also help in making the perception of that ad
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