Importance Of Humour In Cinema

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Spain is one of the few countries outside of America that makes a big impact on global cinema. Yet, Hispanic cinema has gained a high status everywhere and Hispanic directors are in high demand to produce films internationally ever since the death of Franco in 1975. Most of Spain’s films produced in the country are of Spanish origins such as ‘El espíritu de la Colmena’ and ‘Todo sobre mi Madre’. In this essay, one will discuss the use of black humour as social satire. One will discuss also the techniques used in films i.e. shots used, camera angles etc, which are widely used in film industry today to highlight this black humour, and will refer it with two films which studies the importance of this humour in Hispanic cinema.
Progression from Censorship
To overlook any bad language that was used in films, high censorship was set up before Franco’s death. Directors had avoided not to force their political views in their films, and took on a different approach on traditional views that was approved by the Catholic Church. The meaning of the word ´censor´ leads us to believe that no nudity was deemed appropriate during the regime. Many films produced during this period has proved this in both ´Un Chien Andalou´ and ´Viridiana´. Viridiana was created to represent the acceptance of the regime in a comedic sort of way. However there has been scenes associated with lingering thoughts, depending on the angle of the camera lens, allowing Don Jaime to look at her in an
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