Importance Of Hypnotherapy

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Organization & Development What makes the city of Knoxville special? Our city is special because we have many things other cities don 't have. That is why we need to take care of it. Everyday people walk along the streets in Knoxville and throw garbage on the ground and let it blow away in the wind. They also smoke and leave their cigarettes on the ground to sit there and smell. People spit gum out on the ground and walk away like they did nothing because they don 't care. Our city will be dirty and smelly until people care enough to save it. Without our city being clean, people will miss out on enjoying our city. In the city, people can get almost any food to eat. Many people enjoy shopping in the city because they can walk anywhere they want to go. People love to visit market square in the winter to go ice skating. People go to college in the city and spend most of their time in…show more content…
Kids and volunteers could sign up on a sheet of paper, and go in groups and walk around in the city and pick up garbage. They would be wearing gloves and they would be carrying big garbage bags. A few groups could walk around and put up "Please Don 't litter! ' ' signs that also say"donate to the "environmental awareness group". Volunteers would use this money to put up a garbage can where they found a lot of garbage, or by their front doors.They would do this for about an hour. Some of the adults could even ask the city if they could borrow a key to the dumpster so the volunteers could go drop off their garbage bags there when they are finished Some people say it 's not their problem to clean up other peoples trash, but the fact is when other people see the volunteers picking up their trash they would feel bad for what they did and choose to change their actions, so maybe one day, litter will not be a problem. It would be great if people formed a group of volunteers to help clean our city. So go talk to your friends and go make a difference that will affect a lot of people in

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