Qualitative Approaches

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The purpose of this assignment is to develop learner’s ability to analyse the different research approaches when conducting a research study. The requirement will be focusing an analysis on qualitative research approaches used when conducting a research study mainly in business.
A research is a way of gathering information and acquiring knowledge. There are two types of gaining sources of knowledge, the traditional sources and scientific method. However, knowledge gained from traditional sources such as common sense and personal experience are not scientific because potential error may exist. Other example such as reading a factual book of any sort is a kind of research including surfing the internet and watching the news is also
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It is an unproven statement or proposition about a factor or phenomenon that is of interest to the researcher. An important role of a hypothesis is to suggest variables to be included in the research design. There are two types of hypotheses, descriptive (stating existence, size, form or distribution) while relational hypotheses (describing relationship of two variables). The role of hypothesis in research includes guideline, limiting what is to be studied and what is not, identify facts, suggest as the most appropriate form of research design and provides a framework for organising the conclusion. A good hypothesis consists of adequate for its purpose and…show more content…
Research is a way of gathering information and acquiring knowledge whether from the traditional sources or scientific method. However, scientific methods are more orderly process because it combines induction, deduction, observation and hypothesis testing into a set of reflective thinking activities at which it tries to describe reality truthfully. It is a system of way in producing knowledge. According to Denzin & Lincoln (1994), a qualitative research focuses on interpretation of phenomena in their natural settings to make sense in terms of the meanings people bring to these settings. Overall, a good research is depends on the ability of researchers to conceptualise ideas and how well others understand the concepts used. Qualitative research involves methods like Grounded Theory, Field Research, Ethnography and Phenomenology among others. The techniques involve interviews, documents and observation. In short, qualitative research relates to the social aspects and seeks to find answers question about the ‘why’, ‘how’ or ‘what’ phenomenon rather than ‘how many’ or ‘how much’. Other method used in the business environment includes using in depth interviews such as face-to-face or via telephone and focus group method. The advantages and disadvantages of using qualitative research approach range from its accuracy, hypothesis and
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