Importance Of ICT

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The main driving force of progress and reform is science and propagation through information and communication technology (ICT). Due to the strong dependence on information technology during this 21st century, characterized as the century of information technology and communication bring people to live in the era globalization of science and technology-oriented. People depend science and technology in all aspects of life, and reform the use of creative elements are very important in everyday life. The sophistication of today 's technology has given many communication facilities to all people in the world. It 's very simple, just need to use the phone, social media sites, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Email and so on.Dissemination of information can be delivered rapidly to the whole world. In the past, newspaper, telephone and television are some of the most important mass media in disseminating information. Now with the progress in communication technology has diversified channels to deliver information and it 's also faster. Ease of communicative skills has helped us to connect with people around the globe while facilitating families to connect with each other. Not only that, the role of information and communication technologies allow us to generate income. At the time of this technological revolution, can do a variety of ways to generate income. If it is associated with the current issue of price hikes, many of our communities have struggled to make a living to endure

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