Assignment 2.1: System Analysis

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2.11 ISO 9001 QMS maintenance and improvement framework
Awareness of maintenance and improvement activities of ISO 9001 quality management system is essential for certified organisations to maintain, improve and sustain their improvement of QMS. Basir and Davies (2016), stressed that it is required to examine how organisations maintain their ISO 9001 certification, what measures have been considered in order to maintain the QMS, and how these ISO 9001 certified organisations have implemented those measures. It is important to study this matter since the success of ISO 9001 QMS maintenance creates a considerable impact on improvement of organisational performance and management efficiency.
Low and Omar (1997), explained about technical and non-technical approaches of ISO 9001 QMS maintenance and stressed that both technical and non-technical approaches should be used to maintain ISO 9001 QMS effectively. It was suggested to follow relevant standard clauses to maintain the QMS under technical approach. The study also pointed out the processes need to be
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Internal quality audit results should be sorted out and real productive internal practices need to be identified and communicate to other departments in order to improve the ISO 9001 QMS (Ollila 2012).Feedback from internal and external quality audits is critical for organisations to reinforce, improve and maintain the existing quality management system. In this regard, organisations need competent internal auditors to conduct productive internal audits and obtain effective results detecting real malfunctions. Additionally, companies should select their certification body carefully since it affects quality of the certificate. If external auditors are competent enough in conducting audits in relation to specified industry, it will minimise the risk of non-discloser of QMS

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