Importance Of Ict In Education

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ICT is the Prime Need of Our Education System India is observing (2010-2020) as the decade of innovation and it is the education that provides impetus to ideas and innovations. Therefore, education is the area which should be the top priority of our governments. Education is one of the key indicators of a nation 's economic development and source of prosperity for its people. We often talk about economic sustainability, but failed to realise that education is the long-run driving force of the overall economic development of a country. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the amalgamation of IT and content technologies to deduce best from commercial as well as non-commercial activities. ICT in education is going to play a drastic role in the future world, because the fusion of the two in the digital age is ready to redefine teaching and the learning. Not only developed countries are adopting ICT in the education, even developing countries like Malaysia and Mexico have started gaining benefits from the fruits of this digital revolution. Two years back, Mexican government in collaboration with IDB provided training to village teachers via ICT tools. This 50 hour training course brought many desirable changes in their teaching style. A similar initiative was taken by Thailand, under UNESCO Bangkok’s “Facilitating Effective ICT-Pedagogy Integration Project” primary school teachers and students from Bangladesh, Canada, China, Korea, Malaysia and Philippines availed
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