Importance Of Ict In Education

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1.0 Introduction
This article is designed to through some light in the current era of information and communication technologies importance in the education sector. ICT as a term includes a variety of hardware, software and telecommunications technologies that expedite communication and sharing of data across boundaries. ICT has become essential part of education in the modern past due to the increased usage of internet by the parent and children. One of the most advantage of ICT is, it can reach the target audience with in no time and can be accessed 24 hours. The teachers also find it easy to give homework or assignment through a shared internet based space as the learners can access it from anywhere any time. There are lots of videos available in YouTube TedTalk which helps the students to clarify their doubts and increase the knowledge and quality of learning.
ICT not only helps the learners, it also helps the teachers to prepare their lesion’s using computer and internet. Teachers can access lot of updated information and material from the web sites using internet. Moreover, there are forums run by teachers from different countries and different education institutions helps the teachers to try and implement new teaching methodology in their teaching process.
2.0 Importance of ICT with reasoning and literature
This literature details about the prominence of ICT in education system. All the reasoning and literature is established on the information available on internet
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