Importance Of Ict In Higher Education

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To run an organization the most important aspect is knowledge management. In the present scenario knowledge management helps all organization to achieve its goal in the days of competition. To achieve better organizational goal in education sector and to raise the quality& productivity the use of knowledge management is must. In this modern technological world, in the age of information knowledge is the prime object. Knowledge management is most important medium for storage of knowledge, capturing the knowledge, application of knowledge in the organization. Generally two types of knowledge can be applied one is the explicit knowledge and another one is the implicit knowledge. Explicit knowledge can be easily access but tactic knowledge
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This paper focuses to survey the role of knowledge management using information and communication technology (ICT) in higher education by conducting literature review. This paper provides a high level overview of knowledge management using ICT.A critical analysis is done by studying attempts made by professionals to implement KM using ICT in higher education.
Dhamdhere.S (2015) study entitled “Importance of knowledge management in the higher educational institutes”. This study was conducted in Pune. It is examined that knowledge management is not properly observed in academic institute. The researcher found that importance of past knowledge of an institute and also study on data capture, data analysis, data mining, data mapping, concept mapping, indexing, linking and repackaging of knowledge, tools, techniques, strategies and copyright issues in sharing this knowledge through knowledge
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H03: Knowledge management and its dimensions failed to increase the quality education in the

higher institutes.

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