Importance Of Ict In Hospitality Industry

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Ever since the 1980s, Information Communication Technology (ICT) had been transform hospitality industry globally. Progress in ICT has transformed business practices, strategies and industry structures dramatically (Porter, 2001). ICTs provide a powerful tool that can bring advantages in promoting and strengthening the tourism industry’s strategy and operations. ICTs not only enable customers to search for and purchase customized hospitality and tourism products, but also benefit suppliers by developing, managing, and distributing their products without any time limits and geographical constraints to support the globalization of the industries by providing effective tools (Buhalis and Law, 2008). Since it is convenient to use the internet and the cost of using it is relatively inexpensive, many hospitality businesses have started to use web-based training. There are many benefits of ICT adoption in the hotel industry. These benefits include achieve operational excellence where by online software tool used to know transportation routes and choose the most efficient route besides it can help to calculate the distance between two points that can be use by hotel guest. It also include develop new products and services. Information…show more content…
The internet and the World Wide Web have revolutionized the promotion and communication functions of tourism. ICTs can reduce commission costs. Customer now can shop in a worldwide marketplace, obtaining price and quality information reliably 24 hours a day. Firms producing goods and services on a global scale achieve extraordinary cost reductions by finding low cost suppliers and managing production facilities in other s countries. Hospitality organizations increasingly use computerized systems to improve their inventory management, communicate with their interaction with consumers and reduce some of their operational

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