Importance Of Ict In Schools

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The prominence of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in the school syllabus has been emphasised recently by government ingenuities relating to increasing venture in ICT amenities related to learning and teaching with ICT. Since In modern days education is one of the field that is mostly affected by the emerging of recent technologies. People would agree and some disagree on the benefits of using Information and communication technology (ICT) in schools or education. Therefore this essay is devoted to a critical analysis of why the use of ICT in schools is of essence and supported by experts in the field of technologies. I shall therefore use a self-review framework (Becta 2008) as a guide and begin this essay by giving special attention to, Leadership and management, curriculum, learning and teaching, assessment, professional development, extended learning opportunities, resources, and impact on pupil outcomes. The different views of structuring the curriculum knowledge by different Authors. Throughout the essay I shall be noting some of the dangers and benefits of using ICT in schools, also discuss why the professionals in this field choose to support the ICT integrated curriculum rather than non-ICT integrated or traditional curriculum. The conclusion will be about reaffirming the embodiment of the use of ICT in school.

Leadership and Management
The school in question here, is a public school situated in Randburg, it recognizes a very unique
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