Importance Of Ict In Teaching And Learning

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As I mentioned in the previous sections, the use of ICT technology in teaching and learning is expanding rapidly in this twenty-first century. As a result of that, studies about the importance of ICT technology in teaching and learning are also appearing in a growing numbers. Previous research shows that the use of technologies, particularly the new ones could “facilitate communication, reduce anxiety, encourage oral discussion, develop the writing/thinking connection, nurture social or cooperative learning, promote egalitarian class structures, enhance student motivation, facilitate cross-cultural awareness, and improve writing skills” Yang & Chen (2007, p.2) . In light of these positive effects, an increasing number of scholars have examined the importance of ICT in teaching and learning.
It’s important to know that many scholars admit how essential ICT in providing opportunities for students to learn and to operate in an information era. It was clear , as Yelland (2001) has pointed out that traditional educational environments are not appropriate for preparing learners to function or be productive in the workplaces of today’s society (ac cited in Bingimals 2009). For Yelland ICT become an necessity for the teachers, for the help that can afford to students in solving problems, and decision making .All This implies the fact that ICT is important for fast and easy learning in process, store and disseminate information, and as a result students develop cognitive skills to
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