My Identity In Social Work

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Identity plays a big role in our lives. Identity, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is defined as "the sameness of a person or thing at all times or in all circumstances". It can be also referred to as oneness. Oneness means "the quality of being one body or whole". Identity can be chosen, or it can be created by peers, parents, or friends. Some people can have multiple identities, while others might have only one identity that describes who they are. Some characteristics of identity are hobbies that people enjoy doing, their religious beliefs, their ethnicity, their appearance, or their friends and family. My identity of being a hard worker was influenced by two of my family members: my sister and my dad, who pushed me to do great …show more content…

It takes a while for me to understand the material that I learn in each of my classes. I wanted to follow in my big sister 's footsteps, so I did what she did to achieve my goal of being like my sister. Each day at school, I focused on the material I learned in each of my classes. I worked hard on every worksheet that was handed to me in class. After I got home from school, I immediately started on my homework and I did not stop until I was finished. Sometimes it would take me hours to complete my homework, but I did not give up. When it comes to finals, I study until I know all the material that I am supposed to know. I start studying a week in advance to remember everything for each class. I want to get the best grade that I can get so I study as hard as Katie did. I also looked up to my dad as a role model because he is also a hard worker. My dad would wake up early every morning to work out at the YMCA. After working out, he would go to work until five or six o 'clock in the evening. When he had inventory at work at the end of each month, he would come home late at night around eight or nine o 'clock. He would always come home from work exhausted and sometimes after he was done with dinner, he would go right up to

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