Importance Of Immortality In Human Life

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ARE WE IMMORTAL? Abstract - This short paper presents an abstract overview about the study of immortality of all living beings. It is a fact that all living things are mortal because they have a limited life span and are subjected to death. This paper contradicts this particular view, questioning the interrelation between immortality and death in a new perspective. This paper considers a person’s fame and popularity as a viable qualification for the declaration of a person to be immortal. Keywords - Undying, Immortal, Fame, Popularity, Deathless, Eternal, God, Enduring, Death, Long Life I. INTRODUCTION Since the earliest civilization humans have pondered, experimented, explored that something returns them their life. The idea of living forever is fascinated from frictional stories as well. As much as it is true that we are human beings, it is also quite evident that we always mortal and we can never be immortal in future as well. We have a specific life span after which we end our life naturally, without due consideration of the unnatural deaths due to factors like accidents, suicides, etc. Researchers are still finding a way for prolonging human life, before it ultimately develops into immortality, even though it can enforce a major loss for the human lifestyle. Humans or living beings cannot be immortal but their fame will be immortal always. Some examples have been explained in this paper pertaining to immortality among living beings. II.…show more content…
IMMORTAL Eternal life is defined as endless life forever. None of the humans are immortal but certain animals are immortal by nature.For example Jellyfish (Turritopsis nutrical) this develop their own cells after sexual reproduction and the life cycle can be repeated indefinitely and potentially biological immortal. Few more creatures like Tardigrades, Bacteria and some yeast and hydra [1] God is said to be
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