Importance Of Improvisation In Music

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Unit Questions:
What is improvisation?
Improvisation is the ability to be able to on the spot, compose a range of notes based off of the scale provided. Improvisation is most commonly used in music when the performer is performing a solo and must create a composition using the same scale as the melody played.
Improvisation also gives performers a chance to “show off” their skills as a musician and create something that has never been created before (it encourages creativity).

What are the different aspects that would help you improvise?
Improvisation is such an open concept in music, however, there are certain aspects that could help you improvise no matter what scale you are playing such as,
Make sure you are very familiar with the melody and scale being played. If you do not know the melody and scale you are playing, then you have nothing to improvise off of. This means that if you are very familiar with the melody, then you will probably already have a good idea of what to improvise off of.
Embrace the accident. This is a very important aspect in improvisation because chances are you will make a mistake at some point. However when you do, do not show that you have made a mistake, embrace it and pretend as if it was part of your improvisation the whole time. This shows the audience that nothing has gone wrong and that the whole improvisation was a success.
Practice. To become a talented improviser, like anything else, you must practice a lot. All great improvisers such

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